How to get more out of your trap-bar deadlift as a footballer

Jacob Strøm

Jacob Strøm

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The trap-bar deadlift is one of our clear favourite exercises when it comes to improving leg strength and power in football players. Get tips here on how to get more out of the trap-bar deadlift.
Trap bar deadlift

With a trap-bar deadlift, we can hit a position that is biomechanically right in between a traditional squat and deadlift, where we don't have to worry about whether we can get the weight up while sparing our lower back with the trap-bar.

However, one mistake that many people make when doing the regular deadlift or the trap-bar deadlift is that they fall forward and therefore lift the weight with their lower back.

Use this technique in your trap-bar deadlift

Put your weight back on the back of your foot so you can push your hip back. Just before you lift in your trap-bar deadlift, press your big toe into the ground. This will increase your activation of the ball muscles, therefore allowing you to generate more power while sparing your lower back. The picture below shows an incorrect and a correct weight distribution for the most benefit from your trap-bar. 

Improve your team bar deadlift as a footballer

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