Get professional performance training delivered to club players + money in the club coffers

Football Performance Clubs allows clubs to access professional training delivered to players via app. Everything is done online, increasing flexibility, enhancing player personal data and drive, and streamlining training through the club - the fact that it's online is not a challenge, quite the opposite.


The benefit for the club

Extra money for the club

Through collaboration, we have a model for how to support your club. Either through financial means or through our product range, which you can read more about below.

Better retention of members

Fitness and football should be combined - but it has to be done the right way. With our app we increase retention as the player now gets a product that combines the two activities.

Fewer injuries among the squad

With specific training for the players, we minimize the risk of injuries, which results in more stable players and an overall better experience of the sport among the players.

Healthier and happier members

Our experience is that you as an association get healthier and happier members, as they get better tools available and they see more of a link between the physical and the ball game.

Choose one of our two solutions

As a club you get 40 DKK kickback per member signing up or you can choose one of our product packages where you get products for 75 DKK per member. Here we send jerseys, balls, nets etc. to your club depending on the quantity.

Kickback to the club


per player signed up on the app from your club

Equipment for the club


per player signed up on the app from your club

Unisport package

How it works

This is a typical dialogue with the club.


Hear about the concept

Contact us and get a personal assessment for your club/group.


We send offers

We want to support the club life and have different solutions with kickback to the squad box.


Decision-making process

Review the offer and return with questions.


We draw up your plan

We'll draw up a plan for your troops - leave the rest to us. 

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The benefit for players

Coordination of physical training

We take care of all coordination etc. so that the club's coaches can focus 100% on football. Everything is delivered via app, so holidays, different centres, etc. are no problem.

Direct chat with specialists

In the app, players will have direct access to an integrated chat with our performance specialists, so they can always get help when in doubt. Again, we save coaches etc. time.

Video guides of all exercises via the app

We replace the physical trainer with specific videos for all the workouts in the app. This ensures that the player gets the right help quickly and easily. If you are still in doubt, just write in the chat.

We give 70% discount to the player

With an agreement through the club, the player is offered 70% discount on our half-year package and thus they can get access to professional tools for only 300 DKK per half year.

Players can expect significant improvements

Our average measured improvements after 12 weeks of using the performance programs. Try free for 14 days with no obligation!

Top speed

3 %

High intensity sprints

3 %

Maximum jumping height

3 %

Increased performance

3 %


Extra offer for trainers

We're busy developing our Performance Hub universe, the ultimate tool for coaches! The Performance Hub is an offer for coaches to get education in performance training as well as access to our drill library, where the coach can easily find drills that can be used on and off the field. The club can get support from the local authority for the cost.

Start developing your club

It takes passion, courage and a lot of hard work to achieve your goals. The first step is the right tools, so you can dream about what the future could bring.


We have a team ready to take the further dialogue regarding possible cooperation. The agreements are adapted to each club in terms of number of players, payment method, package, etc. We are very flexible and will do everything we can to meet your needs.

The three main things we offer are:

  • Additional discount per player
  • Kickback to the club (financial gain)
  • Supports Danish associations

No. Whether you are just starting out in football and want to improve your performance or you play at a high level, these programmes are for you. The sooner you get started, the better. you're hardly considering your first triathlon, the collective will provide you with a personalized training plan to match your fitness level, availability to train and prepare you for your race goal (if you have one).

No, not with our programs. We design strength programmes specifically for football, so you get faster, stronger and more explosive, avoiding getting heavier and slower.

We are very flexible and want to adapt to each club/squad. However, there are advantages by choosing club collaborations rather than squad collaborations.

Get in touch so we can elaborate further!

By default, no. Our smart solution is online with help for the player all the way.

The facilities available to a club vary from club to club. With our setup, players get access to football specific performance training that can be done at home, in the garden, at the gym or elsewhere. We try to get all the way around. 

A big advantage we see among current partners is that players can go to their commercial centre and train with us at their fingertips, rather than a full centre with a whole team at a time.