How long is the best time to train?

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How long is the best time to train? Almost no matter what, your workout should last no more than 45-60 minutes including warm-up. If you exercise longer than this, there are two possibilities: you talk more than you exercise or you exercise so much that the stress hormone cortisol reaches a level that is in no way beneficial.
How long is the best time to train?

How long is the best time to train?

A question that there is no 100% answer to - but as a general rule your performance/strength workouts should last between 45-60 min in total.

The norm for cardio is often 20-30 min, but here it's hard to give a firm answer as it depends on the bigger picture. What is the goal of the workout in question, what other workouts are there during the week, etc. 

Your training experience matters

There is a huge difference between 3 years and 3 months of strength training. Your ability to recover will be different, but so will your technique in different exercises. Even if you have been training for many years, it does not mean that your technique is better, but it should still be taken into consideration.

The periodization of your program will largely depend on your experience and needs in terms of. Intensity and volume. A beginner will never be able to tolerate as much volume as an experienced one.

Likewise, your level will most likely help determine what kind of periodization will work best. Should it be 'undulating periodization' or linear periodization?

Other activities in everyday life?

If you run alongside your strength training, or do lower-level sports for fun, or where your strength training is not directly aimed at optimising your performance, it still needs to be considered.

All activity is activity, and it is therefore necessary to take this into account when designing your programme - and with it the length of the training. If you play football 3-4 times a week, you will most likely not be able to strength train 4 times a week and recover optimally, which will affect your results.

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