How many reps you should do as a footballer - part 1

Jacob Strøm

If you want to be faster and more explosive, it is important that you choose the right number of repetitions in your strength or performance training. If you choose the wrong number of repetitions and intensity, you risk becoming heavy and slow.

Avoid heavy & tired legs on the football pitch - part 2

Sanne troelsgaard - avoid tired legs

If you want to be faster on the track and avoid heavy and tired legs, it is crucial that you don't fall into the classic mistake of doing traditional strength training. Traditional strength training is built around making you stronger and more muscular, not faster and more explosive on the football field.

6 tips for a better sleep

6 tips for better sleep / how do I fall asleep quickly?

"... you can sleep when you get old!" How many times have we heard it, or said it ourselves when work, training or other things have got in the way of our sleep?

3 training mistakes footballers make 'in-season'

Training mistakes football players

The winter break is over for most, which is why I think this topic should be addressed! Unfortunately, football (and other sports) are strongly guided by tradition, even though science has clearly established new ways to improve sports performance.