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Our specialist schedule your strength training, cardio training and home training through our app.

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Football specific programs via app

We deliver your football specific programs directly to you through our app. With us as a partner, there are no excuses when it comes to developing you as a footballer. You can choose the training program, "log" the training, track your development and much more...

Football specific programs

Forget about youtube, guesswork and speculation. We put together your training plan all year round - and there is always the possibility of flexibility.


We film a specific video for each program. For example, a squat can be performed in 100 ways. You see the variant we want you to train in the selected month.

Training history

Stay motivated with the overview of your progress through your exercise history. Not just your "personal best" but ALL your training history.


It's super easy to keep track of time during training. Whether you take time on the rest, pace or number of laps, we always have you covered.

Hardware integrations

We integrate with your trackingdevices. Apple Health, Google Fitbit, Nike club and many more. Get your data synced into your app universe.

Customize the workout

We recommend you follow the program as indicated, but you may want to add an extra set etc. We have made sure to make this possible for you.

Specific workouts just one click away

We have made your football specific courses, programs, etc. and made it all easily accessible to you.

The bigger picture

See all the data you track no matter what gadget you use. Through integrations with third-party apps like Google Fitbit, Apple Health, and Nike Run Club, you can see the bigger picture of your activity.

Specialist with 23+ certificates and educations

Based on our deep knowledge and experience in performance training, we can offer you a unique platform with training where the quality is top notch and the composition is considered and justified by scientific results.

Take your training to a higher level and become a better footballer who runs faster, jumps higher and is generally a stronger player!

The only tool you need

Our app is fully integrated with Apple Health, Fitbit & Google Fit. Get deeper insights into your health data, from active calories to Lean Body Mass.



Presented in various media

Targeted strength training is the way forward for young Danish footballers

"We specialize in specific strength and cardio training, where football in particular lacks focus. We experience how small and large clubs do not focus enough on how important and crucial specific training is and use strength training in the wrong way. Together with our partners, we have chosen to do something about this", says Jacob Strøm.

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